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TLC for Hurricane Harvey

Posted by on 8/29/2017 to News

TLC for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those in the coastal region affected by Hurricane Harvey. From our campers to our Lions and staff and all those we have yet to meet, TLC is focused on relief efforts and stands ready to assist when called upon. It was our privilege to open our doors and our facility to the City of Aransas Pass to provide shelter during that first dark day and threat to life and property. They have continually been on our mind since they returned home to assist in rescue and recovery operations.

It goes without saying, that our state and nation are focused on shelter and relief operations in the wake of this historic and unprecedented storm and TLC has a long history of supporting such sheltering efforts. In fact, over a decade ago, TLC hosted and participated in a planning session for evacuations and sheltering operations sanctioned by the then Governor Rick Perry's Office of Emergency Management. Since that time, the City of Kerrville has signed an agreement to be designated as a Point to Point Shelter with San Patricio County, while TLC has a standing MOU with BCFS, the primary state contractor for disaster shelter operations in Texas and abroad. Through these channels, TLC will participate as a general and up to a level 2 medical shelter when tasked by FEMA, the State, City, County, BCFS or Red Cross. TLC also has a standing agreement with Kerr County's Extension service to provide over-flow housing for livestock, should it be needed. In that regard, TLC's CEO, Stephen Mabry, has had a number of conversations with the coordinators of these agencies concerning their status and needs both before and since this disaster unfolded.

Should TLC be further tasked as a shelter in the weeks or months to come, our website as well as our Facebook page will serve as your channel for information and how you might become involved. Until then, keep doing what you are doing to support and participate in meeting the needs of others. Our hearts are heavy due to the hardship of our friends and neighbors, but our spirit is strong and resolved to support them in their recovery. Those with questions or comments about this news release are invited to contact Stephen Mabry directly at TLC's Administration Building.

To learn what Lions Clubs of Texas is doing in response to the crisis, please visit their website by clicking here. (You will be taken outside of TLC's website).

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